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Tre Cimi formation and stream, Dolomite Range, Italy.
Coastal Brown bear cub begs for a clam from its mother, Lake Clark National Park, Alaska.
Moqui marbles wedged in a sandstone crack, Zion National Park, Utah.
Africa, Namibia. A Himba woman carries her child in a homemade back carrier.
Asia, Myanmar. A young monk stands in the doorway of his monastery home, Yangon.
Cuba, Viñales. Portrait of a friendly farmer in Viñales Valley, Cuba.
Salt pushes up to the surface in Badwater, Death Valley National Park, California.
Pan on Autumn-hued forest, Wisconsin.
Last Light over the Sierra Nevada Mountains and Ancient Petroglyphs, California.
Morocco.. A man walks up the steps to the mosque in the center of Chefchaouen.
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